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Serving individuals, families, groups, short term or long term, traveling outside the USA, we offer travel coverage to meet your needs. Student studying abroad? Non-US citizens visiting the USA? Internationally assigned employees? Missionaries? We have you covered. Let us find the right protection that for you.

Effective 7/1/20, the following plans will have COVID-19 medical coverage:

  • Patriot Exchange Program

  • Student Health Advantage

  • Student Health Advantage Platinum

  • All customized student and exchange plans


Final Expense

Not leaving the large financial burden of a funeral for loved ones is something most seniors want.  Leaving funds behind, allowing family to focus just on grieving, is something we can assist with, no matter what medical conditions you may have. 
We partner with highly rated, affordable and reputatable carriers so that when the time comes, your family has one less worry.
We will do a courtesy review of any existing policies and compare with what is currently available.


Travel Medical


Are you turning 65 or over 65?

Have you been disabled for over 24 months?  Are you entitled to extra benefits? Do you also have Medicaid?

Our certified agents work with you one on one to determine the most appropriate plan for your individual situation.   In many states and counties, there are options for plans with $0 premiums. We can also offer plans that eliminate high copays of ambulance, hospital and skilled nursing.

Whether you are looking to lower your drug costs, looking to get started, or just want to know if you qualify for extra benefits, our team will guide you every step of the way, and be your agent throughout the years.



International Health Insurance

Did you know?


  • 70% of seniors will need home care assistance in their lifetime

  • Retail cost can run $1000-$4000/month

  • #1 Reason for Home Care requests: Memory Deficit

Are you or someone you love in need of assistance in their home? Do they have issues with 2 or more of the following? 

Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Transferring, and Continence

Finding a way to pay for costs associated with Home Care can be challenging. We help make it possible, allowing the members to maintain residency in their own home, and receive care from a neighbor or a friend, or if preferred a networked agency.


We offer freedom to choose most affordable solution, with no increase in fees over time, as well as inflation protection.

Let us find the right plan for you.


Predictible Rates of Return|Tax Advantages

To avoid outliving your money during retirement, it is important to plan for and understand your net spendable retirement income.  Getting to retirement with only tax-deferred, qualified accounts can play a role in putting you in a tax bracket that is as high or higher than your earning years.

A complimentary review of your current plan will allow us to make suggestions that are nearly unparalleled with after-tax contributions, offer tax-deferred growth, tax-free access to money in the policy, and tax-free income as well as tax-free death benefit for your heirs.

Our Commitment

We recognize that we have a responsibility to bring our best to the
medicare population who reach out for assistance with the basic needs of life, and that includes the ability to care for one’s health. Our goal is to assist and connect medicare recipients to the most appropriate medicare benefits and entitlements in the state. We strive to earn and preserve the trust of both of our partners, and our clients.

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